Belaku strives to shape futures, Belaku aspires to enlighten lives. Together, all of us can make a telling difference to the society. This is just the beginning.

Who are we?

We are a group of friends who worked in the same organization and who are tremendously driven to make a noble difference to the community.

What are we set out to achieve?

Identify kids from all parts of the state (Karnataka), whose earning parents are either no more, or struggling to make both ends meet in the family. Provide funds to them and ensure not one kid who is deserving and who wants to study, is deprived of it. 

How do we generate the funds?

We contribute a nominal amount each month towards the BELAKU Account, which is monitored and controlled by the core committee. A statement of account is generated and circulated to the members such that we have a model that is transparent and trustworthy.

How do we ensure the money is being spent in the right way?

We spend hours analyzing every candidate's profile, along with their parents'. The group members pay visits to the schools to identify how genuine the student is, before offering our commitment. Additionally, once we start supporting the student, we perform regular checks on the progress and make an assessment each quarter. 

What do we expect from the Parents and the Students?

Unless it is an exceptional case, we generally offer half the support for students and allow the other half to be taken care by their parents. This is to ensure that they have the seriousness and truly understand the value of Educational funds. As mentioned earlier, the students are expected to be well ahead of most of their contemporaries in their performances.

What are our long-term aspirations?

We would like to continue to expand the group such that we have more hands and funds to offer endless support for education. Our growth rate has been good, if not spectacular. We encourage each one of you who read this to spread the word to make our group bigger and more useful.
Let's make a difference to this World. Many of us have been fortunate to have hailed from financially stable families such that our Education was never affected. It is imperative all of us take the responsibility to create launch pads for everyone's life. What better way than creating Educational awareness?

Can I join you?

We will be glad to have new members as part of this association. In this country, people who need support are always more than people who can offer the same.

What do you expect from me if I do join?

You can contribute a nominal amount each month (In general it is Rs 300) towards the fund pool. You can also make the donation at the beginning of the year (academic year preferably). This money will be utilized for all the activities we plan in the future, along with the ongoing activity of funding schools fees for children.

I still don't think I understand what you do, who can explain me better?

Kindly drop a mail to belakugroup@gmail.com for more details. We thank you for your interest.