About Belaku

Belaku strives to shape futures, Belaku aspires to enlighten lives. Together, all of us can make a telling difference to the society. This is just the beginning.

In the year 2008, we, a group of professionals working in Bangalore, gathered together to initiate something noble that would benefit the society. Each one of us have had a humble beginning and therefore, we commonly shared a deep understanding on the value of helping each other. Of the many things we discussed, offering educational support to the needy occupied the top spot. BELAKU was formed as a result of it. Karnataka has been primarily responsible for the careers of almost everyone belonging to our community. Hence, it did make sense to name the group using the State's native language, Kannada.

The term Belaku translates to “Light” in English - and shedding light to the lives of people who require assistance, is all that we have targeted to achieve from then till now. All of us have been fortunate enough to be belonging to families who valued education and more importantly, could somehow afford the same too. While we continue to be thankful for the way we have been blessed, we did ask a few questions to ourselves during our establishment. Isn’t it a duty for all of us to ensure that everyone gets their fair share of education, at least at the basic level? Are we not responsible to ascertain not one kid who has the desire, aspiration and the intelligence to study, isn’t deprived of the opportunity due to financial constraints? Should we not contribute a meagre portion of our monthly earnings towards children welfare? Can’t we dedicate a few hours of our lives with kids who in addition to being in need of financial aids, require emotional attachments as well? Belaku’s responsibility is to create a collective effort to provide really meaningful answers to all these questions.